Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Masala Dosa/ Masala Dosa Mix

A dosa center, whether it be at a mall or on the streets, is always packed with customers. Well, who doesn't love it. Pair it with some filter coffee and it is so yumm and heavenly. Now, to have dosa / masala dosa , you don't have to just wait to go to a restaurant to enjoy that dosa. You could just make it at home and enjoy it with family, at the comfort of your own home.

When we first got hold of this recipe, we just made it every other weekend. We were so fond of it. Those memories of going into the Indian Coffee House to relish on those amazingly crisp dosas over an excuse of birthdays or get together or a treat, was brought back when we recreated it at home. If you belong to our generation then you would understand what I am talking about, because these days, its all about the burgers, pizzas and fried chicken. Anyways, if you are a Masala Dosa fan or addict like me, you got to try it at home. I bet you would be hooked.


For the Dosa batter - Check recipe here 

For the Potata Masala mix

  1. 1 Large / 2 medium sized Potato, boiled, peeled and cut into cubes
  2. 1 cup of onion, sliced
  3. 1 tsp of grated ginger
  4. 2 green chillies chopped
  5. 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds
  6. 1 tbsp of chana dal
  7. 1 tsp of urad dal
  8. 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
  9. A big pinch of Asafoetida
  10. 1 strand of curry leaves
  11. 3-4 tbsp of chopped coriander leaves
  12. Salt to taste
  13. 2 tbsp of oil

Making of Potato Masala Mix

  • Heat a pan and take oil in it. Once hot, add the mustard seeds. Let it pop. turn down the heat to medium low. Now add the urad dal and chana dal. Stir fry it. Once they start turning colour, drop in the onion and salt. Saute it for a minute or two.
  • Add the grated ginger, green chillies and curry leaves. Saute it. Once the ginger has lost its raw smell, add the turmeric powder and asafoetida. Stir it well. Add 1/2 cup of water to it. Turn the heat to high and bring it to a boil.
  • Once the water starts boiling, add the potatoes to it. Just mash few potato pieces with your hand while adding it into the water. Leave some potato pieces as is. Give it all a mix. Add the coriander leaves and stir it all together. Turn down the heat to medium. Cook it untill the mixture is like semi sold consistency. Turn off the heat. Overtime, while the mixture stands off the heat, it would thicken.
Making of Masala Dosa
  • Heat the skillet. Drizzle few drops of oil and wipe it off with a paper towel.
  • Pour a ladle full of batter in the middle of the skillet and spread the batter outward in a circular motion with a flat bottom steel bowl.
  • Once the dosa looks cooked and starts getting golden brown, drizzle few drops of oil over it.  Place 2 tbsp of potato masala mix in the center and roll it. 
  • Serve hot with sambhar and coconut chutney.


  1. Slice the onions a little thick and don't over cook them. It should have a little crunch.
  2. The consistency of the potato mix is one key factor to recreating the restaurant style masala dosa. So do make sure you have the mix in a paste consistency.

Recipe Courtesy : ShowmetheCurry

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Aloo Parantha

Stuffed paranthas were always my favorites. While in school, mom used to pack these for lunch occasionally. I was a picky eater then, but the aloo paranthas would vanish from my tiffin soon, compared to anything else.

Luckily I married the guy who shared the same taste as mine. So I would make the mix the previous day that could help me make these paranthas real quick, for breakfast on working days. I would then have it with tomato sauce/pickle and he would have it with raita. My lil one is also a big fan of these stuffed parathas. Infact, he loves the thin version of these parathas. Hence, you see a thinner aloo paratha here. I have been asked many times by my friends and relatives how I get to make it thin without the mix bursting out of the paratha and the trick lies in the consistency of the mix.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Prawns Pollichathu

We don't have prawns served at our place, very often. My lil one doesn't like it. But rarely, when we make it, we try different dishes with prawns to try it ourselves. Last time, we bought it, we thought of making this Prawns Pollichathu. It tasted awesome with some steaming rice.

Have you tried Meen Pollichathu that I had posted a long time back. It is one of the popular posts on blog. We love it anytime. We wanted to create something similar with prawns and it was not disappointing either. It was a great side to go with rice and buttermilk to make our lunch so finger licking good. Here is how we made it.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Dates Payasam

Onam Sadya is incomplete without a payasam. Infact, its the highlight of an onam sadya, right? We always try to go with the Cherupayar Parippu Payasam for Onam Sadya. Ever since I was a kid, the onam sadya at home always had Cherupayar Parippu payasam for sadya. Other payasams are usually had for other occasions. If you are not so strict about having a particular payasam for onam then you could try a variety of payasams for your sadya. One such payasam is Dates payasam.

The highlight of this payasam is that no sugar goes into it. Its just the sweetness of the dates that makes this payasam yum. So if you are open to trying something new for this onam then go ahead and try it. You wouldn't be disappointed :). Also, this can be made quickly and that too it gets done with just one greasy pot :). Now that is one plus to try it for onam, when you have loads of dishes to do after the sadya.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kaplanga Pulissery

Pulissery or Moru curry is a must for Sadya. I am not a big fan of sambar but Pulissery and Parippu curry are my favorites to pair with rice. Being married to a sambar lover, we do keep rotating all possible gravy options for our meals, so that both of us get to have their favorites.

Pulissery has different versions. Some just have the seasoned buttermilk, which is usually called Moru kachiyathu at our place and others have veggies like cucumber or papaya or okra etc. that is added along with coconut to the seasoned buttermilk and that is termed as Pulissery. Having those veggies soaked in buttermilk, to bite on is a special treat. It just pairs so well with rice.

Today's pulissery has some raw papaya in it which gets very juicy and yum when socked in seasoned buttermilk. You got to try it to know what I am saying. So make it and enjoy and take your time to come back and let me know.

  1. 1 cup of raw papaya, cut into small cubes
  2. 1 cup of thick yogurt
  3. 1/2 cup of drinking water
  4. A pinch of fenugreek powder
  5. 1/2 cup of grated coconut
  6. 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds
  7. 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder
  8. 2 cloves of garlic, peeled
  9. 1 inch of ginger, skin removed
  10. 2-3 green chillies
  11. Salt to taste
For tempering
  1. 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds
  2. 2-3 shallots, sliced
  3. 1 sprig of curry leaves
  4. 2-3 red chillies
  5. 2 tbsp of oil, preferably coconut oil
  • Combine the yogurt, drinking water and fenugreek. Beat it to obtain the buttermilk.
  • Grind the ingredients 5-10 and keep it aside.
  • In a pan, take the chopped papaya. Add 1/2 cup of water and salt. Let it cook on medium high heat untill the papaya turns tender or cooked. 
  • Turn down the heat to low. Add the coconut mixture and let it cook for about 2 minutes. 
  • Now add the buttermilk while the heat is still on low. Keep stirring it untill the buttermilk gets hot and the back side of the laddle that you are stirring with, when lifted, shows steam being released from it.
  • Turn off the heat and remove from the stove. Keep stirring it for another couple of minutes.  
  • In another pan, take the oil. Once the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds and wait for it to pop. Add the shallots, curry leaves and red chillies and saute it untill the shallots turn golden brown in colour. 
  • Pour it on top of the spiced papapa and buttermilk mixture.
  • Serve it warm with some rice and side of your choice.

  1. Do not add too much water to the buttermilk/curd else it would get watery. We love it to be thick to have the richness of the buttermilk. However, if you prefer it too be watery , you could go ahead and add more water as required. Remember to use drinking water as we wouldn't be boiling the mixture.
  2. Use the buttermilk that is maintained at room temperature else there are high chances of the buttermilk getting curdled.
  3. You will need to keep stirring it continuously and adjusting the heat to prevent curdling of the buttermilk.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Kerala Parippu Curry

Onam is fast approaching. Sadya is what comes into my mind when I speak of Onam. We don't usually get to eat food on banana leaf, otherwise. So, Onam Sadya is so looked forward to. Last year, we managed to make a mini sadya at home, for the first time, after having Jordan. We made the pookalam too. The little one was too excited that all the effort seemed, so worth. The other day when I told him that onam is in like a weeks time. He said he wants a sadya. My jaws dropped. I didn't expect him to remember last years celebrations. But he remembers every bit of it.

I remember asking my parents to take me for a sadya at the karshaka market (that is the place were we would get sadya served on banana leaf) when we came to kerala during one vacation. My Mom laughed and said, "usually kids ask for biriyani or porotta-chicken or icecream treat etc. But I asked for sadya". I guess my kido has also gone after me. He loves the whole sitting down for sadya and having the spread infront of him on banana leaf. Ohhh...I just can't wait to have sadya now.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Papaya Thoran / Papaya Stir fry with coconut

An overdose of anything would make you hate it. That is what happened to me w.r.t papaya thoran. i used to be a big fan of this thoran. I used to even like eating raw papaya. But when I moved to the hostel, it was served every other day, just because they had surplus papaya growing in their vegetable garden. I remember hating it since then.

After so many years had passed, when I started to spot the street vegetable vendors in pune, display it among the variety of vegetables, I got tempted. I got one and tried it. We licked clean the bowl. Ever since we used to buy it now and then to make it at home.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Naan Khatai

While living in the hostel, in Kerala, my grandmother, uncles and aunts used to visit me often. Every time, such a visit do bring along a packet of goodies from the bakery. It could be cakes, cookies, puffs, chocolates etc. These Naan Khatai would also make it in the goodie packs. Those packets would vanish in no time when we open it in the hostels. And that could be one reason why I never got bored of those goodies.

With a lil one around at home, baking always happens to make some cake or cookie. Last week when I thought about these naan khatai, I thought I should make it for my lil one at home. And guess who had fun time placing the chopped pistachios over the cookies. Yes, the lil one helped me in making it. Every time I start baking he would drag a chair get on top of it to help me in the kitchen. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Homemade Ghee

Ghee - This gold liquid is something that I would always have in stock. Making it at home used to look tedious to me whenever I saw my mom separate the cream from the milk everyday and store it in the refrigerator untill she would have collected enough to go for a batch of ghee. The cream would be churned into butter and then converted to ghee. And the greasy dishes would be another task to clean once done with the entire process.

Back then the case was different. The milk would be coming from a well known source and fresh with no adulteration. It would be still warm when delivered and more importantly full fat milk. So we had cream to remove from milk before we consumed it. But now in the market bought milk, which is cut down in fat, you cannot expect to do that. There is hardly any fat in it. So we get to make ghee from store bought butter. So there is no hazzle of fat removal from milk or churning into butter that is involved. But when you compare quality, I would definitely say the ghee made by my mom was the purest and more flavorful than the one we can get from the store bought butter. But if you can't source the purest and full fat milk where you live, you could go ahead with this simple method to have some ghee handy in your pantry.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Kovakka Kichadi or Ivy Gourd in yogurt sauce

Onam Sadya has a wide list of items on the menu and one of it is Kichadi. Pavakka Kichadi and Kovakka Kichadi is equally liked by all of us. We go with making of either one of them for the sadya at home. And it is not something that appears only for onam. We make it very often esp. in summer.

My MIL always makes us some pavakka kondattam and packs it to take home after vacation. She once tried kovakka kondattam too when she had too much kovakka from her kitchen garden. We liked it too, but not as much as pavakka kondattam. So we used to fry it and make kovakka kichadi out of it. They were superb that way. And far easy rather than slicing and frying the kovakka for kichadi. So if you have kovakka kondattam in hand, try making kichadi out of it. Its an instant one but tastes so good.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Homemade Sambar Powder

While growing up, I always used to see my mother take the effect to dry the ingredients for sambar powder in the sun and then grind it to make the homemade sambar powder. It would be an effort but the end result is that delicious sambar that no other brand masalas can offer.

And the peace of mind that you get to have homemade product because you very well know what went into it and are not worried of the impurities that are present in the store bought ones. Oh, and that smell that gets filled in your home is just pure divine.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Padavalanga Thoran / Snake Gourd stir fry with coconut

Padavalanga Thoran was one of the frequently made thorans for rice while we were in Bangalore or Pune. When we came to US we really missed having it. Here in Indian stores, we get it once in a while. So we still get to have it once in a while.

At my home, I have never had it. My mom never made it. Honestly, I don't know why she never made it. It was after marriage that I got introduced to it. My MIL makes it often and it was a love at first bite :P,  when I had this. Slightly crunchy and with the goodness of grated coconut in it, it is very unlikely that a mallu wouldn't love it. Try it and let me know if you like it. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ragi Puttu

I must admit that I had not tried ragi before Jordan. My mom says, she has tried her best to feed me ragi, when I was a kid but I used to refuse. When I started giving solid food to Jordan, I had to give him ragi because every other person whom I asked of options, would start with ragi. Now when you give a food to the baby, it's like the presidents assistant tasting it before it is being tasted by the president himself. So I got to taste it too before Jordan. And I must say that I liked it. And then I started hunting for ragi recipes and to my surprise there were so many interesting recipes. One among them is this puttu. 

Jacob doesn't like it. I usually say that is because of his mental block of considering it to be baby food. But his dislike for ragi puttu has never stopped me from making it. When he has the normal rice puttu, mama and Jordan enjoy this ragi puttu . It's awesome. You should try it. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Grilled or Roasted Corn / Indian Style Corn on the Cob / Bhutta

Those rainy days, when you step out of the shuttle just right infront of the lady who would be roasting corn and its hard to resist and not give up on having those warm corns...and then bitting into the corn kernels while you walk back to the apartment...

That was the scene some 10 years back when I was working and not married...These days the scenes have changed. Its like buying the corn and getting it grilled at home and enjoying it at the comfort of home while you watch rain pouring down, from the window. Life changes but the tastes or the preference to certain foods hardly changes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blackberry Lemonade

When it is super hot, all you would need is a drink that could cool you down. And if it looks pretty too then you could enjoy its beauty while you sip it, when everything else that surrounds you looks dry and withering away with the heat. These days, I have been drinking a lot when compared to eating. When I say, drinking, I mean lemonades and coolers :P etc. This Blackberry lemonade is one such drink that you would want on such days. You cannot say no to this pretty drink and when you do drink it, you'd be glad that you tried it.

Lil J doesn't eat blackberry as such, but for this lemonade I did have to restrict him from having more. try and let me know if you did like it.
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